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The only feature ported from Photoshop, Layerstyles are a quick way to add a variety of simple filters to a given layer.

As many studios and proffesionals work in an enviroment where these are ubiquitous, Krita supports them so you can have a proper file exchange with your collegues and clients.


Layerstyles can be found under Layers->Layerstyles

Drop Shadow

Makes a drop shadow underneath the layer.

Inner Shadow

Makes a dropshadow inside the opaque areas of the layer

Outer Glow

Gives the layer a glow outline.

Inner Glow

Gives the layer a glow on the inside.

Bevel and Emboss

Adds bevels to the layer shape.


This allows you to set the contour of the bevel.


This allows you to influence the bevel with textures.


This makes two copies of the layer and offsets them in opposite directions, giving a satin-feel.

Color Overlay

This overlays a colour over the layer's full shape.

Gradient Overlay

This overlays a gradient over the layer's full shape.

Pattern overlay

This overlays a pattern over the layer's full shape.


This outlines the layer with a even stroke.

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