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Proposed for Deletion

This page has been proposed for deletion for the following reason:

Last updated for Kubuntu 16.10. Probably not used by the Kubuntu community. Please also delete all of the children pages.

Please use the discussion section of this page to voice your opinion on this.

Documentation for Kubuntu

Kubuntu 16.10 Banner

Welcome - Brief overview of Kubuntu, Linux, KDE, and our place in the Ubuntu community

Installation - How to install Kubuntu

Basic - Using Kubuntu:

  • Networking
  • Launchers to run applications and perform tasks
  • Desktop customization, including plasmoids, fonts, themes, and handling multimedia files
  • File management for organizing and working with files and folders

Advanced - Extra features in Kubuntu:

  • Software management for installing and updating applications and software using a graphical application or the command line
  • Handling repositories to install third party software

Software - Details of the Software installed and available to you

Contribute - How to contribute to Kubuntu

Support - All forms of Kubuntu Support.