Propose Deletion

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Sometimes it may be necessary to remove a page which is no longer needed. Rather than just deleting the page the following deletion proposal process should be followed to ensure that the page is actually no longer required and to give an opportunity to object or propose an alternate course of action, e.g. archival.

This process applies to all KDE wikis.


The following step should be followed:

  1. Add the propose deletion template to the top of the page (the template page has usage instructions, identical versions exist for other wikis).
  2. A comment period lasting until the next wiki Wednesday meeting is started. Comments should be made in the discussion section of the page proposed for deletion.
  3. At the next Wiki Wednesday meeting a period of time will be allotted to go through the pages proposed for deletion and either agree the deletion or deny it.
  4. Once the decision has been made either the page will be deleted or the template will be removed.

Any user can comment on the discussion page and this will be taken into account and anyone can attend a Wiki Wednesday meeting and be part of the quorum deciding whether to uphold or deny the deletion.

If a page is proposed for deletion close to the next meeting the comment period can be extended until the meeting after. This should be used if the deletion has the potential to be contentious.


On UserBase the pages have translations and these will always have some value, e.g. how to translate certain terms, especially those specific to KDE. As such rather than deleting these, they should instead be archived so that future translators can make use of the work done by those before them.