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This page lays out the sections that we would like to see in an ideal page. You should aim to get as many of the sections into your page as is practicable.


  • 工具箱 有你需要的wiki標記語法
  • 字型排印指南 有翻譯成官方手冊(DocBook)或翻譯成其他語言時需要遵守的標準。


Section Description Relevance
圖片標題 兩個單元的表格,包含了表頭,佈局是
{|class="tablecenter vertical-centered"
History A brief history of the application including for example the first release date and others major events. It's recommended to add references. optional
特性 簡要功能列表,由標題和圓點組成,默認縮進。 重要
詳細資料 單個、多個標題撰寫的詳細信息 可選
截圖 有截圖的話拿來說明上面的情況。通常用縮略圖,點擊後可放大。尺寸在 300px 到 500px之間。 重要
提示和技巧 增加生產力的提示信息 可選
故障排解 列在這里或放到子頁面下 可選
More Information Links to
  • an external project site
  • the application manual on
  • other useful internal or external pages
if existing
Category The category will normally be the name of the applications list that points to your page, e.g. applications listed under Applications/Office would show the statement [[Category:Office]]. important

多注意下那些指導頁面(任務和工具鏈接出來的) 和字型排印指南,一旦有新問題那些地方便會立刻更新。

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