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<languages />
<languages />
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There are some ready to use Vocabulary collections for '''Parley''':
There are some ready to use Vocabulary collections for '''Parley''':
* [https://store.kde.org/browse/cat/216/ store.kde.org]
* [https://store.kde.org/browse/cat/216/ store.kde.org]
* [http://edu.kde.org/support/kvtml2/ edu.kde.org (newer files)]
* [https://edu.kde.org/contrib/kvtml2/ edu.kde.org]
* [http://edu.kde.org/support/kvtml/ (old files)]
* additional vocabulary collections can be found on the [http://ambaradan.i-iter.org/voxhumanitatis/ Vox Humanitatis repository]. A description on how to download any data file there can be found on the [http://imld.i-iter.org/en/content/mercurial-how-to-download-data International Mother Language Day] website.

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Parley.png Parley is a tool to help you remember things.

It is part of the KDE Education Project.

Parley welcome.png


  • Different test types
    • Mixed Letters (order the letters, anagram-like) to get to know new words
    • Multiple choice
    • Written tests - type the words (including clever correction mechanisms)
    • Example sentences can be used to create "fill in the gap" tests
    • Article training
    • Comparison forms (adjectives and/or adverbs)
    • Conjugations
    • Synonym/Antonym/Paraphrase
  • Fast test setup with all options in one dialog
  • More than two languages (for example English, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified)
  • Find words (also by word type) quickly
  • Easy lesson management
  • Premade vocabulary files ready to use
  • Share and download vocabulary using Get Hot New Stuff
  • Open XML file format (shared with KWordQuiz, Kanagram and KHangMan) that can be edited by hand and is easily usable with scripts

Vocabulary Collections

There are some ready to use Vocabulary collections for Parley:

Please upload your collections to store.kde.org if you think they can be of use to others!


The Parley manual is currently being worked on. Please help us improve it!
Parley manual


Education, Vocabulary

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