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The Cost Breakdown Structure Editor is used to create, edit, and delete accounts. Plan accounteditor.png

Accounts can be connected to by tasks and resources to accumulate costs from those tasks and resources.

The default account accumulates cost incurred from tasks that is not connected to an account.


The toolbar provides the means to create and delete accounts:

Plan accounteditor toolbar.png

Button Short cut Description
Add Account Ctrl+I Button to create an account. The new account is inserted after the selected account. If no account is selected, the new account is appended at the top level.
Add Subaccount Ctrl+Shift+I Button to create a sub-account. The new account is appended as a child to selected account.
Delete Delete Deletes the selected account.

Editing data

Data can be edited inline as described here.

The following columns are available:

Column Description
Name The name of the account.
Description The description of the account.

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