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Work and Vacation Editor


The Work and Vacation Editor is used to create, edit, and delete calendars.

Calendars define the working hours for resources. Calendars can also be used by tasks with estimate type Duration.

Calendars have a time zone specification so you can define working hours in the resources local time.

A calendar consists of definitions for weekdays and dates. If the date has a definition, this definition is used. If the state of the date is Undefined, the definition for the weekday is used. If this is also Undefined, the parent calendar is checked.

A calendar can be defined as Default and is then used by all working resources without a calendar reference.

The toolbar provides the means to create and delete calendars:

Button Shortcut Description
Add Calendar Ctrl+I Button to create a calendar. The new calendar is appended on the same level as the selected calendar.
Add Subcalendar Ctrl+Shift+I Button to create child calendar. The new calendar is appended as a child to the currently selected calendar.
Delete Selected Calendar Delete Deletes the selected calendar.

Editing data

Calendar name and time zone can be edited inline as described here.

The state of days and weekdays are edited by selecting the day or days you want to edit and open the context menu. Selecting Work... opens the Edit Work Intervals Dialog.