Bread crumbs in Danish for applications in the Multimedia section. This version requires the application name to be entered as a parameter. The optional second argument is used for the name of a subpage. The optional third argument is the Danish title of the subpage. No language code should be entered!


{{MultiBreadCrumbs/da|1=application name}}


{{MultiBreadCrumbs/da|1=application name|2=subpage name}}


{{MultiBreadCrumbs/da|1=application name|2=subpage name|3=subpage title}}

Hjem » Programmer » Multimedia » K3b{{#if:Brænd en musik-CD med K3b| » [[Special:myLanguage/K3b/Burn an Audio Cd with K3b{{|}}Brænd en musik-CD med K3b]]| » [[Special:myLanguage/K3b/Burn an Audio Cd with K3b{{|}}Burn an Audio Cd with K3b]]

Hjem » Programmer » Multimedia » [[Special:myLanguage/{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]{{#if:| » [[Special:myLanguage/{{{1}}}/{{{2}}}{{|}}{{{3}}}]]| » [[Special:myLanguage/{{{1}}}/{{{2}}}{{|}}{{{2}}}]]

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