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If you are a system administrator who is rolling out new or managing existing KDE deployments in their organization, you should definitely look at the KDE System Administration section.

Getting Started

How to Install KDE neon

How to install KDE software

How to install Flatpaks

Some common tasks explained

The Jargon File explains some of the words that you may be unfamiliar with.

Creating keyboard shortcuts
Open a console
Access another computer's display

Change the color of the blue folder icon

Mouse pointer settings for large displays

Localization Settings

Change the language and the numeric, currency and time formats used by Plasma
Entering "special characters" - characters that are not on your normal keyboard
Input Method Panel Build a plasmoid for controlling input methods


Plasma Tips & Tricks
KRunner is an amazingly useful utility, launched either by Alt + F2, or by a right-click on the desktop, and selecting 'Run Command'. Now learn some of its uses
Learn how to configure the Plasma panel
Learn how to Create a look and feel package
Using with small screens (eg. Netbooks) Discusses several issues where screen space is at a premium.
Enabling Color Management in KWin.
How to configure keyboard actions for specific keys.
Learn how to Use Other Window Managers with Plasma.
How to manually enable Transparency And Blur.

File Management

Discover the various functionalities of the Dolphin file manager
How to manage compressed files in Dolphin using Ark for Archive Management
Transfer files from and to a server using ftp, sftp, webdav and the like
How to add an entry to the Create New menu

Web Browsers

Create mouse gestures for use with any browser


Learn how to manage your e-mail with KMail
How to sync your information using KOrganizer
Here is how to set up your favorite RSS in one place with Akregator
How to use Office365.com with Kontact
How to use Kolab with Kontact
How to use Nextcloud with Kontact


These tutorials are obsolete and need to be updated for calligra. If you know about how to use calligra, please help.

Basic Layout is a tutorial that creates a leaflet with various images and explaining text using KWord's frames technology. Several text frames and image frames will be created and positioned on the page.
A Second Layout experiments with placing, grouping and moving images within a text area.
A third Layout builds a page for a photo album.
Using the Artistic Text Shape is a tutorial that shows how to get started with the artistic text shape that all KOffice applications provide.
KWord Manual Tutorial on basic concepts of working in a frame-based environment, and detailed guides for all your WP needs.


How to work with MIDI synthesizing on Linux
How to burn an audio cd using K3b


Photo Tutorial 1-1: Levels adjust This tutorial explains how to use Levels Adjust tool to quickly adjust brightness in your pictures using digiKam.

Photo Tutorial 1-2: Curves adjust This tutorial explains how to use the Curves Adjust tool to quickly fix differences in brightness in your pictures using digiKam.

Photo Tutorial 1-3: White Balance This tutorial explains how to use the White Balance tool to quickly fix levels of white in ambient lighting using digiKam.

Photo Tutorial 1-4: Brightness/Contrast/Gamma + Hue/Saturation/Lightness This tutorial explains how to adjust several aspects of your picture more thoroughly using digiKam.


Photo KDE Tutorial 1-5: Perspective Adjustment This tutorial explains how to correct the position and perspective of your pictures using digiKam.

An impressive amount of digiKam tutorials are hosted in userbase.


How to search in phone books using Klipper


Installing Marble on a Nokia N900
Setting up Offline Routing on a Nokia N900
Route Planning and Guidance Mode on a Nokia N900
How to create GPS Tracks using a mobile or GPS-enabled device
How to switch map themes and visualization
Using Bookmarks to mark your favorite places
Searching for places and points of interest


Compilation of useful commands for KDE Connect


Build your first KDE C++ Application with KDevelop on Kubuntu

How to get php documentation up to date in Quanta


Modify your system defaults
Using a single database for KDE programs
Create your own mouse cursor theme