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Bugs or Missing Features

Issues 1-5 already on Nikerabbit's roadmap

  1. If a language page is created in error, even though there is no content, it cannot be removed from the language bar.

Feature Requests

  1. The ability to import existing .pot files, to a desired destination (e.g. app-name/Manual)
  2. Ability to export .pot files as translation templates

Removing a page from the Translate system

[11:05] <annew> Nikerabbit: if I remove all <translate></translate> tags from a page, will it cause any problems? I want to remove that page from the translations system altogether

[11:06] <Nikerabbit> nope, first you remove the tags, then you go to Special:PageTranslation to unmark the page, and then you go and delete all the related pages manually

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