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Latif (full name: Latif Anshori Kurniawan or Latif A. Kurniawan) is an ordinary KDE technology enthusiast. He works with KDE software on his various open-source operating-systems (i.e.: BSD Unix family, Linux-based distributions—especially Slackware for years) that docker-ed in his Mac on a daily basis.

Latif is a passionate Indonesian evangelist. Life as an academia at a university in Indonesia, he has a big interest doing research about Indonesian language (Indonesian, id, Bahasa Indonesia) and its educational Linguistics on his KDE environment. Currently, he focuses on learning the Indonesian learner corpus/corpora in teaching & learning evaluation on deep-learning method.

He loves to take a part in open-source & social communities. Beside KDE, he also has an engagement with Wikimedia Indonesia & Islamic communities.

He has a lovely Indonesian learning class for foreigners in his campus. Sure, if you want to learn Indonesian, do not hesitate to keep in touch through his personal blog or even his faculty page. Other contacts: (@latif), Twitter (@anshori).

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