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Latif (full name: Latif Anshori Kurniawan, or Latif A. Kurniawan) is an ordinary KDE technology enthusiast. He works with KDE software on his various open-source operating-systems (i.e.: BSD Unix family, Linux-based distributions) for years (more than two decades).

Latif is a passionate Indonesian language lecturer. Life as a researcher at a university in Indonesia, he has a big interest doing research about Indonesian language (Indonesian, id, Bahasa Indonesia), its Educational Linguistics & Computational Linguistics, and research in Mixed-Method with Rasch & R, on his KDE environment. Currently, he focuses on learning the Indonesian learner corpus/corpora in teaching & learning evaluation in a deep-learning method.

He loves to take a part in open-source software & social communities. Being a member of Wikimedia Indonesia is amazingly fantastic for him because he also loves to spread beneficial knowledge free for everyone across the Globe. He is a Muslim and promotes anti-radicalism & spreads the word about the authentic Islamic knowledge—in shaa’ Allāh.

He also give a lovely Indonesian learning class for foreigners in his campus. Sure, if you want to learn Indonesian, do not hesitate to keep in touch through his personal blog ( or even his faculty page. Other contacts (social platforms): (@latif), (@latif), (@latif), and Twitter (@anshori).

This is a personal info for KDE community. Things said here do not represent the position of his employer. Thank you!