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The default applets bar in Amarok 2.8

Amarok can display a variety of applets. These applets provide extra functionally that appears in the center column of the interface. The toolbar above is located at the bottom of the Amarok main window and can be used to switch which applet is active on screen.

Clicking the icon brings up a new menu, which allows applets to be added, removed, or moved around on the bar.


Below are descriptions of the currently included applets.


The Albums applets displays other albums, including the tracks on the albums, by the artist of the currently playing track. When there is no track playing, this applet displays a few recently added albums.


This is a new applet in version 2.8. It provides basic audio visualizations.

Current Track

Displays information about the track that is currently playing: title, artist, play count, last played, track rating, and more. The album cover and a simple interface to are also present.


Provides some straightforward explanations of what some areas of Amarok can be used for.


Give support for syncing labels.


Can search multiple sites for lyrics to the currently playing track.


Searches the web for images based on currently playing track.


Goes through a database of guitar and bass tabs and attempts to find the current track.


Shows the Wikipedia article for the artist of the current track.