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This page is a translated version of the page Amarok/Manual/References/KeybindingReference/GlobalShortcuts and the translation is 100% complete.

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KDE Global Shortcuts

Global Shortcuts are KDE's control key combinations. Use them to control Amarok from the keyboard as an alternative to using the mouse.

Default Global Shortcuts
Action Default Global Shortcut
Add Media... Meta + A
Decrease Volume Meta + -
Increase Volume Meta + + Love Current Track Meta + L Skip Current Track Meta + S
Mute Volume Meta + M
Next Track Media Next
Play/Pause Media Play
Stop Media Stop
Previous Track Media Previous
Rate Current Track: 1 star Meta + 1
Rate Current Track: 2 stars Meta + 2
Rate Current Track: 3 stars Meta + 3
Rate Current Track: 4 stars Meta + 4
Rate Current Track: 5 stars Meta + 5
Seek Backward Meta + Shift + -
Seek Forward Meta + Shift + +
Show Notification Popup Meta + O
Toggle Main Window Meta + P

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