Archive:Finding Your Application

If an application's name or location has changed or is dubious, please document it here.

  • KControl - is replaced by System Settings
  • Kcron - in SC 4.4 is now found in SystemSettings -> Advanced -> Task Scheduler. SC 4.5 has it in SystemSettings -> System Administration section -> Task Scheduler. It looks rather different, but the Modify screen will look familiar.
  • KSnapshot - the name hasn't changed, but some distros now disable the use of the PrtSc key to launch it. However, it can be configured in SystemSettings. This YouTube video shows you how to do it.
  • KRunner The KRunner launcher is notorious for not having an "About" window to identify itself to the user. It is used very often (just hit the key K or Alt-F2 while desktop is focused) but the user cannot find out the name of the software from within KRunner. Without a name they cannot look up its' documentation. In some translations, the icon and some references to KRunner are ambiguous or not specific, further leading to confusion about KRunner.
  • Kross cross-scripting extension tool not documented here wikipedia entry
  • Komparator directory diff tool not documented here.
  • KBabel Translator tool not documented here.

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