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What is Artikulate?

Artikulate is a pronunciation trainer that helps improving and perfecting a learner's pronunciation skills for a foreign language. For this, it provides courses with native speaker recordings of the target language. The learner can select a set of phrases, record her/his own voice when speaking the phrases, and compare the results to the native speaker's recordings.

Artikulate currently lives in the KDE Edu Playground, i.e., it is still under development and has not been released yet.

A More Detailed Look

The project contains different courses in various languages which in turn offer a variety of units: 'Scenarios' and 'Phonemes'. The 'Scenario Units' contain phrases of all lengths like words, expressions, sentences and paragraphs, while the 'Phoneme Units' contain all the basic phonemes of the particular language. Each phrase is accompanied by a recording which is done by native speakers and related phonemes are tagged to every phrase. You can now listen to these recordings and try speaking them in the same way, recording your own attempts in the process. By comparing and listening to the two recordings, you can correct your pronunciations in that specific language.