Browser Configuration/Mousegestures for all Browsers

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Mousegestures for all Browsers provides premade set of mouse gestures for basic operations in many file and web browsers.

Have you never used mousegestures? Read Mousegestures to learn about them in general. See Mouse Gestures to learn how they are used in Plasma.

Installation and usage

Step One - download the gestures file

Click here to download browsergestures.khotkeys file.(requires KDE SC 4.3 or later)

Currently supported applications:

  • Konqueror
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Arora
  • Rekonq
  • Chromium
  • Chrome Browser
  • Dolphin
  • Kontact

Step Two - Import the downloaded file

Import the file you downloaded, using System Settings -> Input Action -> Edit -> Import... and navigate to the browsergestures.khotkeys file.

Step Three - Configure

Click Settings, and enable Gestures. The default mousebutton is set to "2" (mouse wheel). You can choose 3 (right button) if you prefer it.

Special Case

Opera :Because Opera has its own mousegestures, you can delete Opera in the Conditions tab