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    このページは、Calligra Suite のバイナリー形式のパッケージの一覧です。ソースコードのダウンロードも可能です。

    Stable Release

    Calligra 3.1.0 が現在の安定板です。

    Arch Linux

    Please pick your distribution.

    Arch Linux

    Arch Linux では、Calligra のパッケージは [extra] リポジトリーで提供されています。

    Chakra Linux

    Chakra Linux では、Calligra のパッケージは desktop リポジトリーで提供されています。

    Chakra の LiveDVD では、最新の Calligra がプリインストールされています。


    Debian provides Calligra packages in its unstable repository and testing repository.


    Fedora 用の Calligra パッケージは、KDE パッケージングプロジェクトの 開発版リポジトリー にあります。


    Gentoo の Calligra パッケージは Prtage にあります:


    Ubuntu の現在の開発版である Precise Pangolin (12.04) では、Calligra のパッケージが Standard Universe リポジトリーに置かれています。

    It's also available in the Kubuntu Backports PPA for 12.04 LTS and 13.10.


    openSUSE で Calligra をインストールするには、 を利用するのが最も簡単です。

    Furthermore, packages including Calligra Gemini, which require software not commonly available in openSUSE, are available from calligragemini repository for openSUSE 13.1, 13.2 and Factory.

    その他、 で、自分にあったリポジトリーを探してみて下さい。

    ROSA Marathon 2012

    ROSA Marathon provides Calligra in the contrib repository.

    Please go to the Download Page.

    Other Linuxes

    If you're still looking for packages, try a packages search service such as


    area51 から利用可能です。

    Mac OS X

    Unstable Release

    Calligra 3.2.0 Alpha is the current unstable (development) version.


    Arch Linux

    Arch Linux provides unstable Calligra packages in the [kde-unstable] repository.


    Fedora packages are available in the rawhide development repo ([1]), and unofficial builds are available for prior releases from kde-unstable repo at [2] .


    • デイリービルドの git スナップショットは ここで提供されています。 (これらのパッケージは mobile/Plasma Active 向けに作られていることに注意して下さい。)

    Visit to find which repository fits your needs.


    Ubuntu users can get a nightly build of Calligra with the Project Neon, you need to add ppa:neon/ppa to your sources.list and install project-neon-calligra package.


    "ただし、気をつけて下さい。ここにあるものは非常に不安定で、正しく動作するか、データを破壊しないか、保証できません。自己責任で利用して下さい。それでは、警告をご理解いただいた上で…enjoy!" [3]

    以下のスクリプトで Project Neon と Calligra をインストールすることができます。

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:neon/ppa \
     && sudo apt-get update\
     && sudo apt-get install project-neon-base \
       project-neon-calligra \

    インストールされたパッケージを実行するには、ログアウトして、ログインスクリーンから "Project Neon" を選択する必要があります。Neon は常に最新版ですが、必ずしもベータリリースではありません。

    ROSA Marathon 2012

    ROSA users can get the packages for development versions of Calligra from personal repository on ABF. To add it on your system run the following commands:

    for i586 users

    urpmi.addmedia ach_personal

    for x86_64 users

    urpmi.addmedia ach_personal


    Calligra ports are available in Area51.

    MS Windows

    Installers exist for Windows but are out of date or incomplete. By using an out of date (stable) installer to do a system install, followed by the newer incomplete installer to do a user install you get the most stable yet up to date version of the complete package possible, however breakage may occur as new features are worked on in nightlies before cross-platform bugs are fixed.

    Installer for the prior version of Calligra Gemini can still be found on KDE's download network. This version is for Windows Vista and above, and recommended for the "best" experience with automatic interface switching, like in a Intel 2-in-1 Ultrabook, or Microsoft Surface.


    These packages also includes binaries for Words and Stage, but lack shortcuts for them.

    Status for other Calligra apps: Up to date Calligra Karbon, Calligra Sheets, and Calligra Words desktop versions are included in:

    • 64 bit nightlies available at:

    • 32 bit nightlies available at:


    Gemini and Plans are incomplete and non functional in these builds as of March 2019

    Installer for Krita is provided by the Krita Foundation at

    Krita Gemini is considered obsolete, but is available on the steam store. Successful features from the Gemini fork may be added to future releases of Krita.

    デバッグ シンボル

    What are debugging symbols, and why are they important?

    When a program is compiled with special switches to generate debugging symbols (the -g compiler switch) extra information is stored in the program file. This information can be used to generate a stack trace that contains much more information, such as the exact line number of the source file where things went wrong. Without this information it is very hard to figure out what went wrong by looking at the stack trace.


    Some distributions offer debug symbols in separate packages as listed below. Use them if you want to support the developers with better bug reports.

    More info on back traces is available on KDE Techbase.

    Debug symbols for Ubuntu/Debian

    Please install package calligra-dbg to receive debug symbols for whole Calligra code.

    Debug symbols for Fedora

    As explained in the Installing debuginfo RPMs using yum section, use debuginfo-install calligra command.