Crear una página

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Herramientas disponibles

  • Tool Box shows you wiki markup for the effect you need
  • Typographical Guidelines standardizes markup for use in translation, either to official manuals (DocBook) or to other languages.

Decidir dónde crear vuestra página

Many people choose to draft a page on their own Talk page, then move the result to the desired site. Sometimes there is a good reason for preferring to do it in the final location. If that is the case, consider using before your content {{Construction}} which will display

Under Construction

This is a new page, currently under construction!

Wiki Structure

For the convenience of users we try to avoid creating a structure more than three levels deep, avoiding having to type long paths for page names. For most purposes, the following guide will suffice:



Please do not use any kind of punctuation in your page names — punctuation like question marks or periods creates serious problems for the wiki software, in particular for the translation system.


  • Navigate to a page, which will contain a link to your new page
  • Edit this page and insert a link to a new, not yet existing page like this: [[Special:myLanguage/My New Page]]
  • Write a one-line summary of what you changed
  • Hit the Preview button and check your work
  • Save your edits.

Now the page shows a red colored link to your upcoming page. A click on this link will tell you, that the page doesn't exist yet, and offer you to create the page. Clicking this sends you directly to your new page and will open the edit box.


You can also create a new page, by entering the URL of the new page directly in your browser address bar. In this case, don't forget to link the new page from another page.


A double-Enter is required to make a new paragraph. Please use this after any heading, as it puts headings in a separate translation unit which is preferred by translators using external tools.


If you are making frequent edits to your page, please use either {{Construction}} or {{Being_Edited}} so that translators and other contributors know to wait until you are finished.


Avoid using text smilies as they cause problems for translation applications (due to unbalanced parentheses). Instead use {{Smiley}} Other smilies can be found on [Commons Wikimedia] and the file-name is sufficient to get the image included


For help about editing existing pages read Modify a Page.