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Using the Advanced Search Tool In digiKam

Transcribed from Mohammed Malik's blog, 8 April, 2011

As the number of images in your database increases, you will need to spend more time trying to find those images. There are even occasions when we might need to spend a lot of time searching for them, however digiKam has a very powerful search tool that can help you find images fast and effectively.

In the main window go to Search and select Advanced search.

From here click Options.

It will show your options for finding pictures:

  • Meet all of the following conditions
  • Meet any of the following conditions
  • None of these conditions are met
  • At least one of these conditions is not met
Adv search snapshot1.jpeg

And now you can define your conditions:

Select the albums you want to search or either select any album and any tag.

Adv search snapshot2.jpeg

Choose the picture properties.

Here you can set

  • a range for the date.. for example between April 2010 – April 2011.
  • The Ratings, Orientation etc….see capture below

Adv search snapshot3.jpeg

And then you can even deepen your search more by choosing various data that might be used in your meta-data like Make and the Model of the camera, ISO speed rating, Aperture etc.

Adv search snapshot4.jpeg

When you are done press OK and it will display the search results.

Adv search results.jpeg

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