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This page is of historic interest only. The content of the page is obsolete.

Homerun, a KDE Launcher


Homerun is a fullscreen launcher for KDE 4 series with content organized in tabs. A tab is composed of several "sources". A source can provide one or more sections to a tab. Homerun comes with a few built-in sources, but custom sources can be written using libhomerun.

Homerun was replaced by the fullscreen version of the launcher in KDE 5 Plasma.

Application launcher

Homerun can browse your installed applications and start them or add them to the favorite list to be able to quickly start them from the homepage.

Document hierarchy browser

Homerun lists your favorite places and let you browse them: clicking an item from the "Favorite Places" section will list the content of this folder, making it possible for you to navigate your folders to open a document without having to use a file manager.

Running as a containment

Homerun can be used from a launcher button in a panel (like Kickoff), or as a containment (like the Search and Launch containment).

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Arrow keys: Navigate in results
  • Enter: Open highlighted result
  • Ctrl + Page Up, Ctrl + Page Down: Switch tabs
  • Ctrl + F: Move focus to search field
  • Alt + Left, Alt + Right: Go back and forward (useful when browsing hierarchies)

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