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Beginnen met IRC

Sometimes people will tell you that they can help you more if you visit an IRC channel. If you've never done it before, that sounds scary, but it's easy to set up. There are even ways that will work equally well in Linux and in Windows. How to chat with other KDE users tells you in detail one easy way to get started. Give it a try! More developers are on IRC than read mailing lists or any other help channel.

Registered KDE-Related IRC-Channels

You can find the following KDE-related IRC channels in the freenode IRC Network (alias

Depending on how your system or distribution configures your browser set to honor irc:// links, clicking on a channel name will start up your IRC client, connect to the server and join the channel. This behavior is browser and system specific.


Channels (click on the icon to sort)
#kde - Main channel for users of KDE software
#kde-devel - For general KDE development
#kde-quality - For KDE quality assurance
#kde-bugs - For KDE BugSquad
#kde-chat - For Off-Topic discussions
#kde-docs - Official KDE Documentation Project
#kde-women - Women who use KDE software
#kde-www - The channel for discussion regarding the KDE community web sites
#kde-soc - The channel for Google Summer of Code and Code In students
#kde-vdg - KDE V Design Group channel
#kde-i18n - Localization team
#kde-promo - Promotion and communication team

Communities by Country

Channels (click on the icon to sort)
#kde-ar - KDE software in the Argentine
#kde-be - KDE software in Belgium
#kde-brasil - KDE software in Brazil
#kde-cn - KDE software for Chinese speakers
#kde-de - KDE software in Germany
#kde-el - KDE software in Greece
#kde-es - KDE software in Spain
#kdehispano - KDE software for Spanish speakers
#kde-fi - KDE software in Finland
#kde-fr - KDE software for French speakers
#kde-gl - KDE software for Galician speakers - KDE software for Hungarian speakers
#kde-in - KDE software in India
#kde-ir - KDE software in Iran
#kde-italia - Italian user support
#kde-latam - KDE software in Latin America
#kde-nl - KDE software in the Netherlands
#kde-pt - KDE software in Portugal
#kde_ru - KDE software for Russian speakers

Communities around a distribution

Some problems are specific to the way individual distributions do things, so it's a good idea to find the IRC channels for your distribution as well.

Channels (click on the icon to sort)
#debian-kde - KDE software on Debian. Note a different network: also known as oftc.
#fedora-kde - KDE software on Fedora
#gentoo-kde - KDE software on Gentoo
#kde-freebsd - KDE software on FreeBSD
#kubuntu - KDE software on Kubuntu/Ubuntu
#kubuntu-es - KDE software on Spanish Kubuntu/Ubuntu
#mandriva-kde - KDE software on Mandriva Linux
#mageia-kde - KDE software on Mageia Linux
#kde-neon - KDE software on KDE neon (Linux distribution)
#opensuse-kde - KDE software on openSUSE
#chakra - KDE software on Chakra
#kaosx - KDE software on KaOS
#kde-windows - KDE software on MS Windows


Any new channels should be called #kde-* to comply with freenode guidelines, we however have many legacy channels due to the age of KDE.

If you would like a new official channel please see the IRC Services page for details.

Channels (click on the icon to sort)
#akonadi - Users and developers of Akonadi
#akregator - Users and developers of aKregator
#amarok - Users and developers of Amarok - German users and developers of Amarok - Spanish users and developers of Amarok - French users and developers of Amarok
#rokymotion - Promotion stuff of Amarok
#apollon - Users and developers of Apollon
#Calligra - Users and developers of Calligra
#gcompris - Users and developers of GCompris
#gluon - Users and developers of Gluon
#kaxul - Users and developers of KJSEmbed
#kate - Users and developers of Kate
#kde-accessibility - Users and developers of accessibility apps, including KDE Text-to-Speech (KTTS)
#kde-edu - Users and developers of KDE's Educational programs
#kde-fm - Users and developers of Dolphin and KIO
#kdevelop - Users and developers of KDevelop
#kde-games - Users and developers of KDE's games
#kde-telepathy - Users and developers of KDE-Telepathy
#kexi - Users and developers of Kexi
#kmymoney - Users and developers of KMyMoney
#koffice - Users and developers of KOffice
#konqueror - Users and developers of Konqueror
#kontact - Users and developers of Kontact
#konversation - Users and developers of Konversation
#kopete - Users and developers of Kopete
#krita - Users and developers of Krita
#kvirc - Users and developers of KVirc
#kwin - Users and developers of KWin
#marble - Users and developers of Marble
#okular - Users and developers of Okular
#plasma - Users and developers of Plasma
#choqok - Users and developers of Choqok
#yakuake - Users and developers of Yakuake

Note that more channels for applications appear from time to time and may be added to this list. You can sort any list for ease of finding entries, by using the icon at the head of each list.

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