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KAlgebra is a calculator with symbolic and analysis features that lets you plot 2D and 3D functions as well as to easily calculate mathematical expressions.

It is part of the KDE Education Project.

2D and 3D plots with KAlgebra and KAlgebra Mobile

First Steps with KAlgebra

Here are some tutorials:

Another resource that is useful in learning more about KAlgebra is the Dictionary tab. It contains examples of every function supported by KAlgebra. Maybe the best way to learn how to do things with KAlgebra.


Here you can see some screenshots


A mobile version for Plasma Mobile and Android is also available.



  • Homework is a page which show some uses of KAlgebra in real world.
  • The Project Page contains further helpful links, including links needed for bug reporting or contacting the authors. Here you will find information about mailing lists and the IRC channel.