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    KBibTeX 是 KDE 的参考书目编辑器,常跟 Kile 配合使用。KBibTeX 的原生文件格式是来自LaTeX 的 BibTex,但其他格式如 RIS 或 EndNote 也能导入导出。

    当前的稳定 KDE3 版本多数发行版都有带。 KDE4 版本开发中,还不够稳定。

    KBibTeX allows you to do the following things:

    • Enter a preamble that defines how special text should be formatted in your bibliography using Element → New element → New preamble menu item or Main Toolbar.
    • Choose an entry encoding during Save as operations or on the File Settings panel.
    • Enter comments that are not taken in regard by BibTeX using Element → New element → New comment menu item or Main Toolbar.
    • Preview and save bibliography entries in various formats (BibTeX, RIS, Wikipedia, ...) using Reference Preview panel. Additional preview styles become available when bibtex2html is installed.
    • Search for the bibliography entries data in online databases like Google Scholar, Springer Link, or arXiv using Online Search panel.
    • View local or remote (online) resources (such as PDF files or web pages) linked in the BibTeX entry using Document Preview panel.
    • Find and merge duplicate entries in bibliography using Edit → Find Duplicates menu item or Main Toolbar.

    There is a dedicated page on the development of KBibTeX.