KDE International

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This page provides access to a number of KDE web pages in different languages, countries or regional areas.

These pages also are not necessarily involved in the KDE translation or localization efforts. Please see the l10n.kde.org website for more information on this topic.

Europe & Middle East

  • [Czech Republic Flag] Czech Republic (outdated)
  • [France Flag] France
  • [Germany Flag] Germany
  • [Great Britain Flag] Great Britain (outdated)
  • [Iceland Flag] Iceland (outdated - site seems to have been taken over by someone else)
  • [Iran Flag] Iran (does this page still exist?)
  • [Ireland Flag] Ireland (outdated)
  • [Israel Flag] Israel (outdated)
  • [Italy Flag] Italy
  • [Netherlands Flag] Netherlands (outdated)
  • [Poland Flag] Poland (blank page just linking to a blog)
  • [Romania Flag] Romania (looking for help)
  • [Russia Flag] Russia
  • [Spain Flag] Spain kdehispano.org
  • [Turkey Flag] Turkey (outdated - doesn't seem to have any KDE related content)
  • [Ukraine Flag] Ukraine (outdated)
  • [Yugoslavia Flag] Yugoslavia (outdated)


  • [China Flag] China
  • [Japan Flag] Japan (outdated)
  • [Korea Flag] Korea (outdated)
  • [Taiwan Flag] Taiwan (outdated)


  • [Argentina Flag] Argentina
  • [Brasil Flag] Brasil
  • [Chile Flag] Chile (as good as nothing)
  • kdehispano.org (has been taken over by a commercial site)

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