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How to install KDevelop


Many Linux distributions include KDevelop by default, and most have a package management system that enables you to easily install KDevelop. Generally, you should install from the package management system.

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to use your distribution's packaging system (outdated packages, no packages), for versions of KDevelop since 5.0, you can also find a cross-distribution binary (AppImage) here.


sudo apt-get install kdevelop


zypper install kdevelop5

Arch Linux

KDevelop, KDevelop-php (with docs) and KDevelop-Python are in the [extra] repository. To install any just type:

pacman -S kdevelop kdevelop-php kdevelop-python


The latest version of KDevelop, KDevelop-php (with docs), and KDevelop-python packaged for Fedora is contained in the default repository and can be installed using:

dnf install kdevelop


dnf install kdevelop-php


dnf install kdevelop-python

or by installing the above packages through the Dnfdragora package manager.

Gentoo Linux

KDevelop, KDevelop-php and KDevelop-Python are available in the Gentoo package repository. Make sure to check the available USE flags for configuration. To install just type:

emerge -a kdevelop kdevelop-php kdevelop-python


KDevelop is available from FreeBSD Ports.

pkg install kdevelop

Microsoft Windows

You can download the KDevelop for Windows installer from the KDevelop download page.

KDevelop can also be compiled from source on Windows via KDE's Craft tool. This tool will set up a development environment (including a Qt + KF5 build), and then compiles & install KDevelop. To get started, visit the Windows build instructions.

To compile & install kdevelop just type this into your command window:

craft kdevelop

Run kdevelop by just typing


Mac OS X

There's a homebrew repository for KDevelop and other KDE Apps. See installation instructions there.


KDevelop is available from the Haiku Depot, in the HaikuPorts repository.

From Sources

You can compile it like any other KDE project: See the KDevelop-specific TechBase instructions instructions or the Getting_Started/Build general instructions general build instructions for KDE projects.