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    Multiple transfers
      Powerful graphical FTP client

    This application is not maintained anymore. But you can use Dolphin instead. Dolphin can with the help from KIO access and explores a ftp server, like any other file system. You can also use the split view feature from Dolphin to view your local and remote file in the same windows.


    • Multiple simultaneous FTP sessions in separate tabs
    • A tree-oriented transfer queue
    • Site bookmarks with many options configurable per-site
    • Bookmark import plugins from other FTP clients
    • Ability to limit upload and download speed
    • Direct viewing/editing of remote files
    • One-time password (OTP) support using S/KEY, MD5, RMD160 or SHA1
    • Traffic graph available

    and much more.

    The Bookmark Editor

    Get more details from the Project Page