KOffice/File Formats/KOffice 1.6 File Formats

Which file formats are supported by KOffice?

Many KOffice applications support the filter architecture (i.e.: they are able to use filters for file conversion.) The filters are not perfect and some not even done. The status of the current filters is listed below, sorted per application.

Note: this document is about the KOffice 1.6 branch.

Generic (for all KOffice applications)

From/To Notes Import Export
XSLT * **


From/To Notes Import Export
AbiWord *** ***
AmiPro Lotus word processor *** ***
Applix Word ** -
DocBook SGML DocBook only -  ?
HTML HTML 4.01 / XHTML 1.0 * ***
LaTeX * **
MS Write *** ***
OpenOffice.org Writer *** **
PDF Portable Document Format *** Yes PDF export (see below)
Palmdoc Palm documents ***** *****
Plain text ***** *****
RTF Rich Text Format *** ***

Contacts: Ariya Hidayat,

Marco Zanon
* -
WML Wireless markup language *** ***
WordPerfect WP 5.x and WP 6/7/8 documents, text only *** **


From/To Notes Import Export
Applix Spreadsheet ** -
CSV Comma Separated Values ***** *****
Gnumeric Part of GNOME Office *** **
HTML - **
LaTeX - *
OpenOffice.org Calc Contact: nandres ** *
Quattro Pro ** -
dBase dBase 3 only ** -


From/To Notes Import Export
KWord - *****
Magicpoint Contact: Lukas Tinkl **** -
OpenOffice.org Impress **** **

Karbon 14

From/To Notes Import Export
Adobe Illustrator * -
Applix Graphics + -
EPS Encapsulated PostScript * *
Kontour * -
LaTeX - +
MSOD Microsoft Office Drawing * -
OpenOffice.org Draw * -
PNG - *
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics (W3C) *** **
WMF Windows MetaFile * *
Xfig + -


Krita can use ImageMagick for importing and exporting images. This means that, in addition to the file formats listed below, Krita can work with all images that your installation of ImageMagick supports. This includes all common image file formats, including the native formats of Photoshop and the Gimp.

More information on file formats supported by ImageMagick.

From/To Notes Import Export
Gimp (XCF) Native file format of the Gimp + +
JPEG **** ****
OpenEXR OpenEXR is a high dynamic-range (HDR) format developed by Industrial Light & Magic **** ****
PDF Portable Document Format *** Yes (see below)
PNG Portable Network Graphics **** ****
RAW * -
TIFF *****


From/To Notes Import Export
PNG Portable Network Graphics (most graphics programs) - ****
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics (W3C) - ****
Text Text file (e.g. CSV or tab-delimited) **** -


From/To Notes Import Export
Microsoft Access (MDB) Available as a separate plugin *** -
Text Text file (e.g. CSV or tab-delimited) *** ****


***** -- The filter is stable and works well.
**** -- The filter generally works well.
*** -- The filter generally works well, however some features might be missing or might not work correctly yet.
** -- The filter generally works although it is not finished, and it may suffer from some instability.
* -- Work has begun on the filter although the code is still at an early stage of development, and does not work properly.
-- An author has volunteered to work on the filter, although the code does not actually exist yet, or is at a very early stage of development.
? -- The status of this filter is unknown, as its development has been abandoned.

PDF Export

All KOffice applications can export (create) PDF files. The process for exporting to PDF is the same as in most other KDE applications:

  • Select File->Print from the menu;
  • In the Printer Name box, choose the Print to File (PDF) option (illustrated below);
  • Enter a file name in the Output File box (or use the button on the right of the Output File field for a standard file window;
  • Click Print.

Joining the developers

There are many filters that we would like and many filters that need improvement, although sadly we do not have enough developers working on KOffice.

Would you like to join the development team and help us?

Please contact us if you are interested in helping.

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