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Calendar Sites

There are a couple of web sites which offer calendars in iCalendar format that can be imported into KOrganizer. This includes interesting things like schedules for sport events or space shuttle starts, birthdays of famous people or dates of elections. All these can be downloaded and viewed with KOrganizer or merged into your own calendar.

Here is a list of some of the calendar sites available on the web:

  • icalshare.com - a huge collection of calendars with a broad range of topics
  • Project24 - a collection of dynamically generated calendars, such as local weather information, in English and German language

3rd party software

  • Outport aims to be a generic program for exporting data from Microsoft Outlook® (Outlook + export = Outport) to various email/pim programs
  • KLACK.de is an Internet based magazine for German television, it includes an interface to transfer your personal TV guide to KOrganizer