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KOrganizer es el componente de calendario y programación de Kontact, el gestor de información personal integrado en KDE.

Características destacadas

  • Support for multiple calendars and todo lists. Korganizer can transparently merge calendar data from different files or other calendar data sources for example calendars on the web. They can conveniently be activated, deactivated, added and removed from the graphical user interface.
  • Kontact integration. KOrganizer is fully integrated with Kontact, the complete personal information management application. Within Kontact some additional features are available like conversion of mails to events or todos by drag and drop.
  • Storage model. KOrganizer has a persistant calendar. The user doesn't have to take care of loading or saving the calendar. Changes are immediately saved to disk. If the calendar is changed externally it is automatically loaded and updated in the view. A locking mechanism handles concurrent access to the calendar.
  • Undo and Redo. KOrganizer supports unlimited undo and redo.
  • Todo integration with agenda view. Todos are shown in the week and day views. Todos can be converted to events by dragging from the todo list and dropping on the agenda view.
  • Attachments for events and todos. References to web pages, local files or mails can be attached to events and todos. The attached data can easily be accessed by a single click from the event and todo views as well as the summary view or the editors.
  • Quick todo entry. A special input field allows to quickly create a todo without needing to open an editor. This is especially handy for creating multiple todos in a row.
  • Quick event entry. There are several ways to create events from the agenda view: Per type-ahead events can be created by selecting a time range and then simply starting to type. An editor will be opened and the type text will be go into the title. Optionally the event editor can be opened when the time selection is finished and in addition to the usual menu and toolbar entries there are key bindings and a context menu to start the editor dialog.
  • Plugin for Jewish calendar dates. When enabled this plugin shows the Jewish calendar dates for each day in the calendar view.
  • Print support. Calendars can be printed using various different styles. Printing also supports colors and overlapping events.
  • KMail directly supports transfer of invitations and other calendar attachments to KOrganizer.

KOrganizer proporciona gestión de eventos y tareas, notificación de alarmas, exportación web, manejo transparente de datos en red, programación de grupos, importación y exportación de calendarios, archivos y más. Es capaz de trabajar con una amplia variedad de servidores de trabajo colaborativo, como por ejemplo Kolab, Open-Xchange, Citadel o OpenGroupware.org.

KOrganizer es totalmente personalizable a tus necesidades y forma parte de la suite KDE-PIM, que pretende ser una solución completa para organizar tus datos personales. KOrganizer es compatible con los dos principales estándares de almacenamiento e intercambio de datos de calendarios, vCalendar y iCalendar.

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Solución de problemas

La hora de mi cita periódica cambia la semana que viene, ¿cómo puedo modificarla?

Mientras que muchas cosas sobre una cita se pueden modificar, la fecha y la hora son las únicas cosas que no se pueden cambiar para las citas que faltan en una serie (excepciones individuales si son posibles). KOrganizer utiliza el campo tiempo como referencia básica, por lo que sería difícil si no imposible permitir que este cambio sucediera.

En su lugar puedes crear una entrada para el inicio de la cita cambiada, duplicando la información desde la primera entrada con la nueva hora.

Una explicación más completa del problema se encuentra aquí



KOrganizer is available in all major Linux distribution repositories, as tarballs, and soon a Flatpak version will also be available. Ancient versions were compatible with Windows, the Kontact team is looking for help to improve Windows support. For more information look at the Kontact download page.

Installation Instructions
If you need help to install KOrganizer, look at this tutorial about how to install KDE software.

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