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    This is the KDE3 version of what would later become Okular.

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    KPDF - View and Print PDF files

    KPDF was written for KDE 3 and was one of the earliest Free, Open Source Applications to successfully view and print PDF files.

    Features Highlights

    • Thumbnail panel for ease of navigation
    • View in Fit-to-screen or Fit-to-width modes, changed with a single click
    • Multi-mode searching - the usual facility to search from the Find dialog is there of course, but you can also use the filter box above the thumbnails to find pages containing that text. Typing "/" then some text will start type-ahead searching
    • Auto-scrolling - activate by the default keys (Shift+Up and Shift+Down) or by shortcut keys to your taste.

    Development continued for KDE 4, resulting in Okular which adds even more functionality.

    All this information and much more can be found on the project's Home Pages at