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The Main Work Space is normally organized with the View Selector to the left, the data view in the middle, and the Scripts docker to the right.

As usual you will also find the Menu bar and Tool bar at the top, and the Status bar at the bottom.

Since both the View selector and the Scripts docker are dockers they can be moved to different border, floated or hidden. To show a hidden docker, use the Settings->Dockers menu entry.

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View Selector

The View Selector enables you to select the data view you want to display from the currently listed views. Views are grouped into categories for easier retrieval: Editors, Views and Reports by default.

Views can also be moved within or across categories, or added to or removed from the View Selector.


The Scripts Docker enables you to run KPlato scripts. Scripts may also be run or handled from the Tools menu.

Status Bar

The status bar shows messages and progress information. Most notably is the currently selected schedule shown at the left of the status bar. Note that most of the views in the Views category display information dependent on the selected schedule, so if the project is not scheduled (Not Scheduled), most views will be empty.

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