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    molsKetch is a KDE 4 2D molecular structure editor.


    ZEM is an editor of molecules using Qt4.


    XDrawChem is a Qt3-based application to draw molecular structures.

    Open Babel

    Open Babel is a project designed to interconvert between many file formats used in molecular modeling and computational chemistry. Since KDE4, Kalzium is using OpenBabel (2.1+) if you have it installed. It is used to calculate and display 3D-structures in a OpenGL-based moleculeviewer


    Avogadro is an advanced molecule editor and visualizer designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas using Qt4.


    BALLview is a 3D protein visualisation program using Qt4


    Zodiac is a molecular modelling suite for computation, analysis and display of molecular data using Qt4.