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Эффекты - Звук

Следующие эффекты доступны в списке Эффекты -> Звук (Effects List -> Audio). Ссылки ниже на документацию MLT frame work для этих звуковых эффектов. (Англ.яз.) Несколько лучшую документацию можно найти на LADSPA Plugin Docs Стив Харрис здесь

4 x 4 pole allpass


Allpass delay line cubic spline interpolation

Allpass delay line linear interpolation

Allpass delay line noninterpolating

AM pitchshifter

Artificial latency

Audio Divider (Suboctave Generator)

Audio Levels

Audio Pan

Auto phaser

Barry's Satan Maximiser

Bode frequency shifter

Bode frequency shifter (CV)

Chebyshev distortion

Comb delay line cubic spline interpolation

Comb delay line linear interpolation

Comb delay line noninterpolating

Comb Filter


Constant Signal Generator


Crossfade (4 outs)

Crossover distortion

DC Offset Remover




Diode Processor


DJ EQ (mono)

DJ flanger

Dyson compressor

Exponential signal decay

Fast overdrive

Fast Lookahead limiter


FM Oscillator

Foldover distortion

Fractionally Addressed Delay Line

Frequency tracker


Giant flange

Glame Bandpass Analog Filter

Glame Bandpass Filter

GLAME Butterworth Highpass

GLAME Butterworth Lowpass

Glame Butterworth X-over Filter

Glame Highpass Filter

Glame Lowpass Filter

Gong beater

Gong model

GSM simulator


Harmonic generator

Hermes Filter

Higher Quality Pitch Scaler

Hilbert transformer

Impulse convolver



L/C/R Delay

LFO Phaser

LS Filter

Mag's Notch Filter

Matrix Spatialiser

Matrix: MS to Stereo

Matrix: Stereo to MS

Modulatable delay

Mono to stereo

Multiband EQ

Multivoice Chorus

Plate reverb

Pointer cast distortion

Rate shifter

Retro Flanger

Reverse Delay (5s max)

Ringmod with LFO

Ringmod with two inputs





SC4 mono


Signal sifter

Simple amplifier

Simple Delay Line

Simple delay line cubic spline interpolation

Simple delay line linear interpolation

Simple Delay Line, noninterpolating

Simple High Pass Filter

Simple Low Pass Filter

Sine Oscillator (Freq:Audio,Amp:audio)

Sine Oscillator (Freq:Audio,Amp:control)

Sine Oscillator (Freq:control,Amp:audio)

Single band parametric

Sinus wavewrapper

Smooth Decimator

Sox band

Sox bass

Sox echo

Флэнжер Sox

Sox gain

Фейзер Sox

Растягивание Sox

State Variable Filter

Step Demuxer

Surround matrix encoder

Tape Delay Simulation

Transient mangler

Triple band parametric with shelves

Valve rectifier

Valve saturation

VyNil (Vinyl Effect)

Wave shaper

Wave Terrain Oscillator


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