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Proposed manual structure

  • Introduction: What does kdenlive do, where is it located (semi-pro?), on which components does kdenlive depend (image)
  • Installation: How to install kdenlive; See here
  • Using kdenlive
    • Quick start: Create a first project, add some clips, transitions, and effects, and render it. Quick as of Only the details that are required
    • Project details: More in-detail. Correct fps number, resolution (which to take if the input video is FullHD and the output should be 720p e.g.), proxy clips ...
    • Editing: Features related to editing on the timeline, like cutting, transitions, moving, grouping.
    • Effects: Colour correction, audio correction, helpful effects explained.
    • Rendering: Last step, to file or on CD/DVD/whatever
  • Shooting: Just an idea. What gear to use, useful tricks (like this), etc.


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