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What you can see in the about dialog on the device:

About Kontact Touch (February 2011)

This Free Software product was created as part of a commercial contract. Kontact Touch is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later and other Free Software licenses. See licenses.pdf for details.

Credits Project Komo3 (October 2009 - January 2011)

Scrum Team:

Andre Heinecke (Intevation)
Andreas Holzammer (KDAB)
Bertjan Broeksema (KDAB)
Björn Balazs (Apliki)
Björn Ricks (Intevation)
Marcus Brinkmann (g10 Code)
Sascha L. Teichmann (Intevation)
Stephen Kelly (KDAB)
Volker Krause (KDAB)
Werner Koch (g10 Code)

Scrum Master: Till Adam, KDAB
Product Owner: Bernhard Reiter, Intevation

Team satellites:

Andras Mantia (KDAB)
Casey Link (KDAB)
David Faure (KDAB)
Felix Wolfsteller (Intevation)
Kevin Krammer (KDAB)
Kevin Ottens (KDAB)
Laurent Montel (KDAB)
Leo Franchi (KDAB)
Ludwig Reiter (Intevation)
Marc Mutz (KDAB)
Nuno Pinheiro (KDAB)
Patrick Spendrin (KDAB)
Romain Pokrzywka (KDAB)
Sabine Faure (KDAB)
Sergio Martins (KDAB)
Tobias Koenig (KDAB)

Special thanks to the two project persons from our principal.

This product is built upon the KDE Platform 4 and the Kontact Desktop Client. Thanks to all contributors!

For more information and to give feedback please take a look at Kontact Touch at KDE Userbase.