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The latest release of Konversation is available in Exherbo's "KDE" repository, just run either

cave resolve -x net-irc/konversation (recommended)


paludis --install net-irc/konversation (deprecated)

(cave being the new and greatly improved Paludis client.)

Live/development versions

We also maintain an exheres to install Konversation directly from the live git repository.

If you want to use it, add net-irc/konversation[=scm] to /etc/paludis/package_unmask.conf and run either of the cave/paludis commands mentioned above.

Help / Support

If you need help with installing Konversation on Exherbo, feel free to join #exherbo or #exherbo-kde on the Freenode IRC network.

Detailed exheres information in Exherbo's "Summer"