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これで Jabber サーバのアカウントを取得できましたので、Kopeteステップ2のアカウント情報を尋ねてきます。Kopete は必要なフィールドに対して Jabber ID とパスワードを自動的に追加します。サーバに接続する度にパスワードを入力しないでも済むよう、Kopete にパスワードを記憶させたければ、パスワードを保存するにチェックを入れて下さい。

既存の Google Talk や Facebook チャットのアカウントを Kopete で使いたければ、これらは実は Jabber サーバでもあるので、GMail アドレスや Facebook アカウントデータ (詳細) を用いてこれらのサーバに接続して下さい。

Optionally you can check Exclude from connect all. This advises Kopete not to go online when you go online with all of your Kopete accounts (as Kopete is a multimessenger with support for many other protocols like ICQ or MSN). When you checked this, you will later have to go online explicitly for this one account every time you want to connect with your server.

Kopete は今以下のような状態でしょう。


接続 タブをクリックし、追加のオプションを確認しましょう。特に、 基本的なセキュリティを保つ上では、プロトコルを SSL で暗号化するにチェックを入れ、平文による認証を許可するのチェックを外しておくべきです。

特殊なファイアウォールの設定をしておらず、普通のホームネットワーク内にいるのであれば、標準設定のサーバ情報 はそのままで大丈夫です。

The section Location Settings is another specialty of Jabber: You can set so-called "Resources" to identify where you chat from. For example if you log in to Jabber from your mobile phone and your notebook at the same time (yes, you can do that) the resource explains your contacts where you are. So you could call it "Notebook" or "Android", depending on which device you're installing Kopete. Remember that your resources can be seen from your chat partners (they will be added to the JID like this: [email protected]/Notebook), so you might consider privacy issues while choosing your resource name.

In our example, the Resource will be set to Laptop. The priority is mainly useful when you handle multiple devices and tells your partner's client which of your devices being online at the moment (e.g. your mobile phone or your laptop) to contact in this case. The highest priority number of your resources being online receives the message.

Set the account configuration

The next Tab, File Transfer, is normally not affected when setting up a Jabber account in a normal network.

Finally, there are some privacy configurations in the tab Privacy, they are mostly self-explanatory. The option Use old inline PGP format for signed and encrypted messages (read here what PGP means) is not recommended, because there exists a method to do this with the built-in OTR, which will be explained later in this tutorial.

At this point you can click Next again and your account is configured now. You can choose an optional color for your account and when you feel ready to connect the very first time to your Jabber server, the checkbox Connect now has to be ticked.

Last step of configuration

Now you can finish the configuration.

Otherwise you can manually connect to the server by clicking Status -> Online in the Kopete main window or by right-clicking the Kopete symbol in your tray and selecting Set status -> Online. If you chose the option Exclude from connect all earlier, you will have to log in by right-clicking on the Kopete tray icon and selecting [email protected] -> Online.

Going online

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