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thumb|265px|Preparing a Quotation Kraft helps the craftsman or small-business-man to prepare essential documents.

Document Creation for Small Businesses

Feature overview

  • Kraft uses a database to store details of your customers, your stock, non-stock item requirements, quotations and orders.
  • By means of templates, document creation becomes easy and consistent.
  • Free-format invoicing is also possible.
  • Since version 0.32 taxation levels are editable to reflect the country's tax laws.
  • Repeat orders simplified - use previous orders as the template
  • Existing document (e.g. quotation) becomes basis of follow-on documents (e.g. delivery notes and invoice)

Compiling from source

You can get the latest source with svn. In a console, type:

svn checkout svn://

then enter the directory with

cd kraft

and configure with

cmake .

followed by the compilation and the install commands:

make && make install

If everything went well, you can now run Kraft with


in a console.

Additional Information

The project's home page can be found here and screenshots are here.

The current version 0.43 works on KDE SC 4. A LiveCD demo is downloadable from this page. The current demo uses German language documents, but the workflow possibilities are clear. An English language demo disk will follow later.

16pxSupport for this application can be found from the project's home page

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