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  • Introduced Qt6 support.
  • Added option to start the stopwatch automatically (thanks to Miguel Carrillo).
  • Added support for HiDpi screens.
  • Fixed wrong times restored from session (BUG 421515)
  • Fixed stopwatch restart after system sleep (BUG 439998)
  • Fixed deletion of sessions (BUG 353077, thanks to Johnny Jazeix)
  • Fixed wrong usage of Enter key when writing a lap note (BUG 438167, thanks to Johnny Jazeix)
  • Qt 5.15 and C++17 are now required.
  • Fixed compilation on Windows (thanks to Johnny Jazeix).
  • Updated translations.


  • Fixed bug 349861 (thanks to Gaurav Shah).
  • Updated translations.


  • Updated translations.


  • Fixed laps sorting.
  • Updated translations.


  • Fixed laps export feature.
  • Implemented screen inhibition while a stopwatch is running.


  • Fixed width of columns in the laps view.
  • Updated translations.


  • Updated homepage links.


  • Fix build with ECM >= 5.31
  • Prevent warning messagebox with kxmlgui >= 5.30


  • Fix default size of Session dialog.
  • Don't assume there are always sessions saved.
  • Updated translations.


  • Window size can now be restored (bug 361494)
  • Fixed wrongly-enabled Save action (bug 352993)
  • Fixed appereance of Lap View (bug 365101)


  • Improved usability of dialogs.
  • Moved toolbar to top position.
  • Menubar is now hidden by default.
  • Dropped statusbar.


  • Fixed invisible main window with Qt 5.6


  • Fixed default height of the Kronometer window (bug 351746)


  • Port to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5
  • New Breeze icons: app icon and start/pause/reset/lap icons
  • Sessions persistence through a simple Session dialog, instead of XML files
  • Improved the Settings dialog and removed useless settings
  • Hours are now hidden by default, both in stopwatch time and laps times.
  • Laps absolute times are now hidden by default
  • Laps notes can now be hidden
  • Pause running stopwatch if the OS is going to sleep (bug 349824)
  • Cleaned up UI and visible string messages
  • Stopwatch time format is automatically ovverridden when needed (bug 343130)
  • Fixed bug 344714
  • Laps can now be exported to the JSON format, but not anymore to XML
  • Fixed Kronometer handbook not being shown from Help -> Kronometer Handbook
  • Added manpage
  • Development: added autotests


  • UI cleanup in the Settings dialog (bug 343127)
  • Removed the Ask On Exit option (bug 343126)
  • Lap times format is no more ignored (bug 343128)


  • Fixed wrong GPLv2 version in COPYING file


  • Fixed error preventing the building of Opensuse RPM packages


  • Laps annotations: now you can place a custom text note over a certain lap time
  • Option to disable the laps feature and hide the lap button and table
  • AppData support
  • Fixed bug 338540


  • Removed option to hide the statusbar, since it's a built-in KDE feature
  • Small fix for digits appearance


  • Upper toolbar is now correctly removed from the UI


  • Latest lap time is now automatically selected
  • Fixed bug 336904
  • First release with localization in over 12 languages


  • Major improvements in the stopwatch display UI
  • Fixed critical bug with exotic fonts in the stopwatch display
  • Removed the upper toolbar to make the UI less crowded. Those actions are always available in the File menu.
  • Use the official KDE bugtracking system
  • Minor layout fix in the settings dialog


  • Fixed small bug that was preventing the compilation on old compilers


  • Option to hide the statusbar from the main window
  • Official documentation, Kronometer Handbook now available in the Help menu


  • Fixed window-modified placeholder (*) bug on stopwatch reset


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Export lap times to CSV (Comma Separated Values) format
  • Export lap times to XML format


  • First "stable" release of Kronometer
  • Fixed the appereance of the laps table-widget
  • Added tooltips in Settings dialogs


  • Times saved on XML files instead of binary files
  • Fixed bug on aborting a file opening


  • Added Edit menu with the ability to copy current stopwatch time to clipboard
  • Color settings: choose stopwatch display background/text color


  • Fix compilation bug


  • Timer central display re-designed
  • Now each time "slot" has its own display
  • The displays are splittable between them
  • Display time headers, which can be disabled from settings


  • Initial implementation of times saving on binary files
  • You can save a stopwatch frame (time and laps) to a file and resume it (open it) later
  • Due to the new save toolbar (new/open/save/save as buttons), the old main toolbar is moved on the window bottom by default. If you don't like it, you can always move it by right-clicking on it
  • Added Kronometer menu, separating the save actions (File menu) from the stopwatch actions
  • Save settings. You can disable the dialog on application exit if there are unsaved times


  • Now you can choose also the time format for lap times
  • Font settings for timer display font
  • Fixed general settings appereance, with a scrollable layout


  • Initial implementantation of Kronometer settings dialog (Settings -> Configure Kronometer...)
  • Stopwatch time format settings: show or not show hours/minutes/seconds/tenths/hundredths/milliseconds
  • Now you can resize time label and lap times table without resize the application window


  • Lap recording feature
  • Lap times sorting


  • Panel-like look for time label
  • Time format in statusbar
  • Tooltip messages for labels in statusbar


  • Switched install prefix from (cmake-default) /usr/local to (KDE4-default) /usr


  • Added .desktop file for KMenu integration


  • First public and stable release
  • Initial basic features: start, pause, resume and reset the stopwatch widget
  • Basic KDE settings: toolbar/shortcuts configuration, statusbar visibility