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    Reports Generator View


    The Reports Generator View is used to add and generate reports in Open Document Text (odt) format.

    The reports can be based on the supplied report templates, or you can write your own templates

    File:Plan reportsgeneratorview.png
    Column Description
    Name A name of your choice
    Report Template Path to the report template file. You can select one of the supplied standard templates or you can enter the filename of a template you provide yourself.
    Report File The name of the file that will be generated.
    Add Information that can be added to the report file name to distinguish it from previously generated versions. This can be:
    • Nothing; use the filename as is
    • Number; add a sequence number to the file name
    • Date; add the current date to the file name


    The toolbar provides the means to add, remove and generate reports.

    Button Shortcut Description
    Add Report Ctrl+I Add a new report
    Remove Report Ctrl+D Remove the selected report
    Generate Report Ctrl+G Generate the selected report