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PlanWork is a personal task manager for Plan projects. It assists project members during execution of the tasks they have been assigned to. Data is transferred between the project manager and the individual member as work packages sent by mail. A work package consists of the information the member needs to perform the task, like name and description, planned start- and finish time, planned effort and relevant documents.

During the execution of the task, the member can enter used effort, progress information and remaiing effort as agreed upon with the project manager. This data can then be sent back to the manager, which helps the manager to keep track of project progress and performance.

A typical work flow can look like this:

  • You receive a work package from the project manager.
  • You open it and it is added to your list of tasks in PlanWork.
  • When you start work on the task, you mark the task as started.
  • Whenever you work on the task, you update used effort and progress.
  • Periodically as agreed with the manager, you send the updated information to the manager.
  • When you finish the task, you mark the task as finished and send the information to the manager.
  • Remove the package from PlanWork.

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