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Skrooge is a personal finances manager powered by KDE, aiming at being simple and intuitive.

Skrooge allows you to keep track of your expenses and incomes, categorize them, and build reports of them.


What a strange name!

Yes, it is It has been inspired by Dickens' A Christmas Carol tale, where an grumpy old man, named Ebenezer Scrooge, turns good after receiving the visit of three ghosts on Christmas night.

Some people may also see the reference to Walt Disney's famous character, Scrooge Mc Duck, which was also inspired by the aforementioned book.

What can I do with Skrooge?

  • Keep track of your incomes and expenses
  • See how you spend your money
  • Manage your investments and see how they perform over time
  • Manage several accounts


  • Graphical reports
  • Several tabs to help you organize your work
  • Infinite undo/redo (even after the file was closed!)
  • Instant filtering on operations and reports
  • Infinite categories levels
  • Mass update of operations
  • Scheduled operations
  • Track refund of your expenses
  • Powerful Search and Process functions


Installing Skrooge

The recommended way is to install Skrooge using your distribution's package management tool.

You can compile and install Skrooge yourself, it is not that difficult.

Importing existing data

If you are a user of other personal finances managers, you may import your existing data from these, using one of the following formats :

Discussion was also started with the KMyMoney team for a more efficient way to exchange files between these two KDE applications.

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