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Help Menu

Important information about Amarok and KDE.

The Amarok help menu
Menu Item Description
Report Bug... Report bugs to the bug tracker directly, with much of your information automatically supplied to the database form.
Amarok Handbook This Handbook in Docbook format.
Send a Comment to the Developers Send a brief comment to Amarok developers. Do NOT use to send bug reports.
Show Feedback Icons Check to show feedback icons on every Amarok screen and sub-menu.
Switch Application Language... Change Amarok menus and label language or back-up language.
About Amarok Amarok version, web site, contributors and donors.
Diagnostics Displays complete information necessary for filing good bug reports, such as Amarok Version, KDE, Qt, Phonon, and Phonon Backend versions, and whether or not PulseAudio is installed, as well as what Amarok Scripts are installed, and whether or not they are running. There is a button on the bottom to copy the information to the clipboard.
About KDE Information about KDE, and links to join and support KDE.