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    Settings Menu

    Here is where you change settings and configure Amarok.

    The Amarok Settings Menu
    Menu Item Description
    Show Menubar Hide the menu bar. Show it again by pressing Ctrl + M
    Replay Gain Mode Allows you to set the Replay Gain mode; Off, by Track, or by Album
    Configure Shortcuts... Allows you to make custom keyboard shortcuts
    Configure Amarok... Configure General options, Internet Services, Playback, Notifications, and Database
    Show Menubar

    Clicking this option will hide the menu bar.

    The only way to show the menu bar again is by pressing Ctrl + M, because you can't de-select the menu option when no menu bar is shown. More about the Menus in the Menubar.

    Replay Gain Mode

    The replay gain mode will change the volume depending on meta information of the track. More about replay gain: Wikipedia entry for replay gain.

    You can switch the replay gain mechanism off, use a track-based or the album-based replay gain.

    Configure Shortcuts...

    Change and define new keyboard shortcuts, or turn on multimedia keys if your keyboard has them. More about Shortcuts.

    Configure Amarok...
    Configure Amarok

    Configure many aspects of Amarok. Details in Configuring Amarok.