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Getting Started with Artikulate

Artikulate is a pronunciation learning program for KDE. This page aims to show you how to get started with using Artikulate, from creating your user profile to completing a training course.

Creating a user

Artikulate Profile Screen.png

Artikulate has support for user profiles. This allows multiple people to use Artikulate on the same computer, with differing progresses or preferences.

To create a user profile, click on the New User button at the top left of the window, and then Create New Profile. You can edit your name with the Edit button.

Selecting a favorite language

Artikulate language favorite.png

You can choose favorite language(s) by selecting the Favorite Languages tab and clicking any language you would like to favorite. The star will turn orange once it is favorited.

Then, with your newly created profile selected, choose Use Selected Profile.

Downloading a language course

Artikulate knewstuff.png

For this guide, we'll be downloading and completing through a Polish course. You can download courses through File -> Download New Language Course.

A KNewStuff window will appear, listing the available languages. You can sort through them using the order by functions at the right.

Download the Polish course by clicking on Install. Currently you need to restart Artikulate after installing a new course.

Start training

Artikulate polish.png

Artikulate courses are composed of multiple training units. Select one of the training units that are available on the left panel, and then click on Start Training.

You do not have to do them in order - choose based on what you want to learn.

Finish Training / Statistics

Artikulate statistics.png

After completing through all the phrases in a course, you'll be presented with the statistics screen. You can see how many tries / skips it took for the various difficulties, which are color coded.

You can exit this screen through the Finish Training button at the top right.

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