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Formatting of page018:27, 17 February 2014

Formatting of page

Placing text next to images is strongly discuraged on UserBase. While it looks good when you view the page on a big screen it should be kept in mind that, increasingly, people will want to access information from handheld devices and similar units with small screen size. On small screens this kind of formatting is almost guaranteed to look ugly and be difficult to read.

I have changed the formatting to the preferred form. Of course, whether (some of) the text should preceed the image is entirely up to you, so feel free to move things around (please move whole sections along with their translation unit number). You can revert my changes if you really must, but please keep the above remarks in mind.

If you want to discuss this or any other issue you can just answer this message, or ping me on IRC (#kde-www on

Btw. I don't know if you are aware of this, but you can have your page watched automatically. At the top of each page is a group of buttons; the last one with the gearwheel allows you to set a watch on the page. Thereafter you will be alerted to any change to your page including comments on the talk page.

18:27, 17 February 2014

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