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    Historic page

    This page is of historic interest only. The content of the page is obsolete.

    Blogilo is an fully-featured blogging client. It allows local creation and editing of blog posts. Various blogging APIs are supported for publishing.


    • Fully-featured WYSIWYG or html editing
    • Allows you to preview with your style-sheet, see it as your visitors do.
    • You can create, modify and delete posts, create drafts, and schedule posting
    • Supports Blogger1.0, MetaWeblog, MovableType and Google GData APIs
    • Supports adding media files if your API supports them.
    • You can add images to post from your system, if your API supports it.
    • Can save a local copy before publishing the post
    • Save your writing copy to prevent data loss, at configurable intervals.
    • Check spelling, using KDE's spell-checker (most languages available)
    • Can fetch your recent blog posts