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Historic page

This page is of historic interest only. The content of the page is obsolete.

KColorEdit is a very useful tool for easy and fun editing and creation of color palettes.

General Features

  • KDE and GTK color selectors
  • Full support of GIMP palette standard (see GIMP palettes)
  • Choice of detail view and brief view of the color palette

  • Supports comments
  • Supports description and name of the palette

  • Colors or comments can be moved to any position inside the palette
  • Can be used to generate color schemes (complement color, triadic colors, etc)
  • Or generate a random color

  • Supports mixing of colors
  • Has a gradient selector for color
  • Supports increase or decrease of hue and saturation.

Working with KColorEdit

KColorEdit is intended be a tool for web designers, is particularly useful when editing CSS files and you want to choose the "right" color for your project.

Making pages for Visual Health

Many pages have a nice design, but sometimes those pages has issues with the color scheme. For example: when you try to read the text you can't do it because of the background. Indeed, when the text color's and background color's doesn't contrast themselves (or doesn't fit) then the eye has to be extra effort to read the text.

Image you have #fe9f10 as background color. Lets add this color to our palette (click the button).

With KColorEdit is easy to select the "opposite" color: the (best) text color. Just select Complement in the Sheme drop down list and the task is done.

Later, you can add the text color to the palette and copy it to the clipboard: #106ffe

KColorEdit is part of KDE Extragear. The User Handbook is fairly old, but helpful.