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Opening a Database File in the Open Project Dialog

  • Run Kexi. You should see the Welcome to Kexi startup dialog, which allows you select one of the recently used projects to open.
  • If the project is not shown as a recently used projects choose Open... (Ctrl + O).
  • Two tabbed panes allow you to select from files stored on your own machine or from a dedicated database server. You will see the following dialog box:

  • Choose either of the two tabs.
  • The Projects Stored on Database Server tab will allow you to choose a preconfigured project. Highlight the desired project and then click on Next.
  • The Projects Stored in Filetab will allow you to navigate your folder hierachy to locate a file to open, typically a .kexi project stored on your machine or another machine on the network (see important note below).
  • In the latter case you can either pick a file which is immediately opened or alternatively enter its name in the Name box beneath the navigation bar, then click on Next.


  • By default the Filter drop down list has All Supported Files (*.kexi, *.kexic, *.kexis, *.mdb) selected. In case the file you are looking for has another extension, you can change the selection of the Filter drop down list to All Files to display all available files (regardless of extension).
  • If you have selected a file of an external type, like a MS Access .mdb file, Kexi will provide you with the option to import the file.
  • If you have selected a connection data file (with .kexic extension) or a shortcut to a project on database server file (with .kexis extension), Kexi will display appropriate dialogs.